Hello and Welcome to MyOrbit Web. We have expertise in Online Marketing, Internet Programming, E-commerce, Online Sales/Lead generation and Social Media.

We have developed and operated websites for professionals like surgeons, accountants, investors, lawyers, schools, charities, technology companies and import/export businesses.

If you are not getting regular inquiries or business leads from your website, irrespective of your industry, then you are under-utilizing the Internet, and probably losing many potential customers to your competition.

Its important to understand that just creating a website is not enough for your target audience to know that your site exits out there with certain products/services. In fact, to get good results, for every dollar spent on website development, two dollars should be spent on website marketing.

Many clients now have bigger online marketing budget than offline marketing budget. Times are changing fast. The Internet is an advanced form of respiration for most people!

Through this website, we aim to share our services and also some of our insights gained from 200+ websites and social media pages. We sincerely believe that every professional and business must have a website with good quality information, which is seen useful by both humans and search engines. This helps in lead generation and repeat business. People are using Google ever more, even searching their own home, office, bank phone numbers!

So be sure that when your customers want to reach you, they are likely go to Google and search. You must have your website live with all necessary information, product/services description and contact information, so that anyone can easily reach you.

And please don’t depend on directory listings to serve as your website, because directories regularly change their website structure, or often go out of business.

You must have your own website and social media presence on the Internet. Further content addition can be done as you grow. Even a basic website and profile page can help every professional/business because it creates a place where people can learn more about you and search engines like Google do the job of sending people to your site.

You don’t need a big website or large marketing budget from day one in most cases. Many people want to create the perfect website — and they never move forward. So if you want to see real benefits from online marketing in the year 2016, we can help you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes,
Shankar/ MyOrbit Team

P.S. The Internet is rapidly evolving, and even the best online marketing methods of today will become obsolete in 2-3 years. So its better to take action and start reaching out to your audience/prospects using the best methods available today, and not lose opportunities that your competition is picking up while you ponder. Avoid the perfection-trap and analysis-paralysis. To learn more, please see Online Marketing Services FAQ.