Welcome to MyOrbit. Since year 2006, we have built 200+ websites across industries, and we have gained expertise in building effective websites and social media pages/profiles. We have gained critical insights in online marketing in various industries, how to build a brand online, and how to increase online leads and sales.

We have two focus areas:
(1) “How can we help small businesses compete with large Fortune 500 companies?”
(2) “How can we do online business better using latest online marketing methods?”

MyOrbit Online Business Team Office

We can help you get better business results with lower costs – guaranteed. The Internet Makes It Possible. We have built a comprehensive framework for online business growth that we have used for our own ventures, and we share it with our clients and partners.

Our Director, Shankar AVSB, has experience in commercializing new technologies and services, and executive experience in Technology and and Energy sectors, including experience in business acquisitions and B2B sales. In the past, he has worked with industry leaders like ABB, Infosys, BP, Fidelity and Citigroup. Shankar is also the founder of 7Avenues, a private equity with ventures in different industries, including Financial Services, Farming, Trading, Real Estate and E-Business. He has honors degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. He has also studied part-time at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. His views have featured in prominent media, including the Harvard Business Review, and business owners/directors worldwide have benefited from his inputs on business issues.

MyOrbit is supported by experienced and dynamic professionals with experience in different industries, spread across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and having experience with leading innovators like ABB, DuPont, Pfizer, Novartis, Kodak, P&G, Citigroup, Fidelity Investments, McKinsey & Co, Infosys, IBM and Oracle, and several other enterprises. As a team, we are working to create better ways of using the Internet to benefit your profession and business. For example, MyOrbit can already reach 30 million people worldwide, and you can benefit from our reach.

We have been helping a wide range of professionals and businesses with our Services.