Article Marketing Service

Please Note: This service is not being offered stand-alone anymore. It is part of our larger packages. Please see this link for our latest services: online marketing services


Most people use the Internet mainly for gathering information, which then helps people to do their analysis, and then take action on their needs/requirements. If you are an online business or an offline business with a website, you must understand that the visitors are looking for some takeaway or learning from your content because that is an easy way to judge your expertise in your area. This is the reason why you will see white papers and informative articles on many top quality websites, because such content is necessary to build credibility.

In addition to having good content on your website, it is necessary to let samples of your content travel around the Internet for people to see. This is achieved by Article Marketing, where your article with a link to your website is distributed to numerous article directories and blogs. Think of article marketing as distributing postcards across the Internet with some basic/interesting information related to your work.

If Article marketing is done as a project for 3-6 months, you will notice increased website traffic because more people are likely to visit your website from the links in your articles, plus search engines will increase the weight of your website in the search results, thereby getting you a larger share of organic traffic from search engines.

How does our Article Marketing Service work?
We will understand your business/products/services/ professional expertise and create 400-500 word article (search engine optimized) and submit to 100+ websites related to your business category. We have annual contract with an article distribution company, to maximize the distribution reach of each article.
Each article will link back to your website, improving your website’s visibility as well as its search engine ranking for keywords relevant to your business. After the project is complete, you will see a higher number of sites referring to your website, which will increase the weight given to your website by search engines. Therefore, this is a must-use online marketing strategy for any business because of the long-term benefits on keyword-rich backlinks.

Following is our offer:

One Article: writing and marketing:
* Fee: USD 49
* Timeframe: 1 week

Four Articles: writing and marketing:
* Fee: USD 195
* Timeframe: 2 weeks

To order more articles, or for any questions, please contact us.

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