Authority Builder Package

“Online Business Authority” = Online Business Attention (as defined above)
+ Number of people inquiring about your business through comments or forms on our websites
+ Number of people signing-up as subscribers to your newsletters or blogs
+ Number of people downloading your product brochures and white-papers

All of which gives you a solid online marketing campaign and a sustainable pre-sales engine, where people see you as the “go-to place” for things related to your industry/niche. This package is useful for professionals like lawyers, accountants, dentists, surgeons, etc. So when a person types “Tax Lawyer Houston” or “Best Dentist Boston” or “IT Consultant London” etc — where you will benefit significantly by being in the top 1-5 searches of Google.

Duration: 18-24 Weeks
One Time Fee: $ 3895
Expectation From You: Fill a simple questionnaire at the start, receive our communication and reports once every alternate week, answer any questions on email or phone, and review the press releases and white-papers that we will create for you.
Performance Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee if at least 50% increase in “Online Business Authority” is not achieved.

Right now, many companies are spending tens of thousands on such work, including $5000+ on just on Google Adwords and other online promotions, without any performance guarantee or risk-reward sharing like we do.

If you are interested, we will be happy to hear from you, and we can share specific examples of what is possible for your business, and take it from there. Please fill the form below to get started.

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