Case Studies

Following case studies describe how companies have benefited from our services.

Case Study 1: Online Competitive Intelligence for a Legal Services Company
This is a legal services company – immigration lawyers in the UK – facing increased competition from newer solicitors and attorneys in the UK for immigration services, especially with changing regulations in the last two years they are seeing a lot of low cost competition and their leads were of weaker quality and in general the business was getting slower not just because of the recession but also because of the new competition. Read more: Competitive Intelligence For Legal Services Company

Case Study 2: Online Reputation Management for a Medical Company
This is a medical services company selling a wide range of medical products, vitamins and healthcare products. Online pharmacy is a very competitive business and repeat customers are important, so online reputation is vital. They started seeing negative remarks about their service in the Google search results. Read more: Online Reputation Management For Medical Products Company

Case Study 3: Improved Search Engine Rank for Healthcare Company
In this project, we improved the search engine rank for a Healthcare Company for 10 keywords that were important for their business. Search engine rank is important today because at least 50% users select from the top 3 search results. And people are going to search engines as a starting point for their market research before making any purchase. Read more: Improved Search Engine Rank for Healthcare Company