Case Study 3: Improved Search Engine Rank for Healthcare Company

In this project, we improved the search engine rank for a Healthcare Company for 10 keywords that were important for the client’s business using our Internet Marketing expertise.

Search engine rank is important today because at least 50% users select from the top 3 search results. And people are going to search engines as a starting point for most of their market research before making any purchase. Thus, for any business today that is not having a big brand already, search engine ranking matters a lot, and a higher position in search results can result in much more traffic and increased sales.

The project involved studying the search keywords, search preferences and trends, and competition. Then the client website was improved with additional text content to provide more details about its products using: Website Content Development ; and meta-tagging to enable search engines to index the website updates.

We also streamlined the buying process by eliminating a couple of unnecessary steps, and including PayPal option.

After the website was improved, we used our Website Marketing Package (all our expertise in one package) and within 8 weeks, the client website was appearing much higher in search rankings, and on page 1 of Google in some cases.

We can summarize our Internet Marketing Success Formula as:

Regular Content Updates + Regular Online Marketing = Top Search Engine Rank

Your website needs regular attention because your competition is constantly working to do better than you and appear in the top search results — this happens in all profitable markets. And search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing themselves are evolving constantly, so we have to keep up with them too.

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