Case Study: Competitive Intelligence For Legal Services Company

Legal Services Company Uses Online Competitive Intelligence For Better Lead Generation

This is a legal services company – immigration lawyers in the UK – and they have been facing increased competition from newer solicitors and attorneys in the UK for immigration services, especially with changing rules in the last two years they are seeing a lot of low cost competition and so they suddenly felt that the leads that they were getting were weaker quality and in general the business was getting slower not just because of the recession but also because of the large number of competition that’s coming up.

However, the company was just a team of lawyers, and they did not have the skills and tools to find market intelligence about their competition and important trends in what their customers were looking for.

They did try to use outsourcing or the Google ads and other advertisements but they still didn’t have a good hand on how the competition is operating, what kind of keywords are important to them and what kind of keywords are being used by the competition and so they were stuck behind in the rapidly changing customer profile customer requirements on the online space and this is where the method we use for keyword-research was useful.

We created a comprehensive list of 50 keywords/phrases from various Internet search queries by potential customers, what they are searching for in the immigration services, and that list created the initial raw material for the creation of very focused content on their website because we found after the initial analysis that their website was good on looks/presentation, but not good enough to pre-sell their services effectively by describing their expertise to visitors who may could be coming for a wide range of inputs, like: African immigration, Asian immigration, immigration from Eastern Europe – different segments with different set of regulations, which had to be addressed independently for best ranking in the search queries in Google.

The company had solid legal expertise but not even 10% of that was visible on the website, which was a gross injustice to their expertise; so content improvement was an essential step for increasing leads from the website. With improved content and a focused online marketing plan for their specifc business, it was possible to put them back into a leading position with respect to competition and the results were quite predictable because they were not doing something which any focused internet marketing company would have done and because they were lawyers they kind of felt back on that. Thus, using our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing, we got them back to speed and they have benefited from the competitive intelligence from our service.

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