Case Study: Online Reputation Management For Medical Products Company

Medical Products Company Benefits from Online Reputation Management

This is a medical services company selling a wide range of medical products, vitamins, herbal and weight loss related healthcare products. The company is based in Canada with customers worldwide. You can say they belong to the group called the “Canadian pharmacies”, which benefit from favorable online pharmacy regulations for in Canada. Now, online pharmacy is a very competitive business and repeat customers are important, so online reputation is vital.

The company had solid testimonials from repeat customers, but they started seeing negative remarks about their service in the Google search results people who were not even the customers, but since the remarks were made as blog comments or forum comments, they were getting indexed into Google’s search results. Obviously, the business owners were very concerned on what to do!

Its a profitable but cut-throat business, so the challenge is to get to the prospects to make the first purchase somehow, because after that, if your service delivery is good, they become a repeat customer, which is very profitable for subscription medications. And therefore, you would see that online pharmacies spend big amounts on Google ads with high cost per clicks (CPC) across a wide range of keywords.

This company had all the SEO figured out and they were doing well on the keywords, with unique content for each of the products and multiple pages describing the product as required by different kinds of queries, so those things were done well. They were actually ahead of most companies in SEO aspects.

However, they were finding that some people on the Internet, potentially people who are either competition or people sponsored by the competition, were actually leaving very negative feedback on various forums and blogs and it was beginning to come up in the Google and Yahoo search results. So when we did a search for them on Google we are getting 3 to 4 results on the first page that were negative, saying things like ‘company doesn’t deliver on time’, ‘product quality are not good’, which was not true based on the real life testimonials of existing customers. That was not the case as they were incorrect feedbacks and were aimed to tarnish the reputation of this company. The company was equally good as other online pharmacies and had sincere business owners, who were surely not looking to make a quick buck.

So our solution was to first somehow remove the negative links from Google’s page one by using a combination of new and existing pages having neutral information or positive feedback and promote them extensively, through a combination of blog posts, articles, and press releases, done in a specific sequence, sharing the benefits offered by this company as described by the customers.

Thus we tried to remove those negative links from the first page of Google, where they could damage the reputation of a company. In some cases, we also mailed the blog/forum owners to remove down the negative content because it was untrue and baseless.

The above steps were executed over 6 weeks, and by the end of 8 weeks, the top 10 results on Google search for this company’s name were showing positive/neutral information, which was the desired result. That’s how we helped this company to manage its online reputation.

The point to note is that online reputation management depends on parameters that are external to us, and because have to manage the way search results will come on Google and other search engines, which are third-parties. We may do our best and still that results may or may not happen. In our experience, our step by step efforts always gives some positive results over a period of 4-12 weeks.

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