Digital Strategy Consulting Service advent of online marketing has given rise to multiple platforms and advertising channels where customers can interact with the organization. The wide range of options can either prove to be a challenge depending on how well the digital technology is leveraged. Despite analysts and researchers talking about the importance of adopting latest digital technologies, many companies are still laggards in the adoption process.

For the smart enterprises that have aligned their IT business with Digital, a digital maturity assessment model can help them improve its digital processes against established standards or competition. The model is a business planning and assessment tool that can help you set priorities for implementing your digital strategy. Most organizations face challenging questions today: “Where do we stand in terms of digital strategy?”, “How effective is our organization in leveraging digital platforms?”, “Are we able to convert social media presence and interactions to conversions?” and “What more can we do to compete better in this digital age?”

Our assessment helps organizations understand where they are with respect to digital maturity and in which direction they should proceed.

Key Features
Business framework and current state analysis
Digital and IT assessment
Target state definition – business and technical architecture
Roadmap and recommendations for business and execution strategy

Business Benefits
Leverage new touch points such as smartphones, tablets, social media, etc. by providing a detailed digital strategy roadmap
Unlock new revenue streams by identifying multi-channel commerce strategies
Improve customer service and loyalty by providing personalized services
Optimize utilization of business and IT infrastructure
Embrace digital transformation by aligning IT goals and business priorities

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