Domain Name Selection Service

We bought our first domain in 1998, and we still have it 13 years later. Back then in 1998, almost every domain name was available, and the choice of domain was totally driven by what name we fancied, and how much money we had to buy a few domains at a time. Domains were not seen as an investment back then, and the TLDs were just .com, .net and .org in most cases. It was not easy to buy domains as only a few domain registrars existed. Google was not there on the Internet scene and Internet marketing was not even in the conception stage.

A lot has changed in the last 13 years. Today, we have 250+ domains in our business network, and we have advised numerous professionals and companies – big and small – on their domain name selection. Today, a domain name is the single most important asset for an online business, and an important asset for any business. People want to see your website before they can talk with you.

Our domain name experience can be boiled down to two points:

1. A business domain name or blog, for which you will be doing extensive online/offline marketing, must be easy to remember (not too long) and yet have some keyword related to the business. Eg. Topaz Offshore Services should select rather than (which won’t be available anyway) or (which is the real business name).

2. A domain name that is primarily for search engine marketing (ie, deriving traffic from Internet search engines) must be highly focused on keywords and must draw from extensive keyword research relating to your target audience.

Service Details: After conducting a thorough search of the Internet traffic and searches relevant to your business/profession, we will give you 3 to 5 best choices for your domain name, along with our top recommendation.

Fee: $50
Timeframe: 3 days

P.S. If you are thinking of starting a business or a website, then this service can help you significantly. This service can also help you buy additional domains to market your business.

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