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Email marketing and newsletters are one of the most effective ways to build your brand and also get sales — because email is one of the most personal advertising medium ever invented. Here are four proven ways you can improve your email marketing results.

Spread the Word
Get others to sign up for your mailing lists with their consent. Spread the word about your mailing list through word of mouth. The beauty in this is that the list of emails will be self-screened and the database will only contain the people who are interested in your offers. Make sure you have their consent beforehand. You don’t want to risk losing reputation or SPAM penalties.

Before the internet, they used to say it takes around 7.3 impacts to make an impression with an ad. Today it to be over twice as high with the Internet. Make sure you are reaching out to your clients at least once a month in emails or any other medium. Just because you emailed a list of people and had little or no response does not necessarily mean your audience is not interested in your product. Experiment with different emails, get to know which email strategy works best, and keep using it to reach out to your audience.

They Want Useful Information
Emails should contain something that the customer wants. It shouldn’t be just a summary of your company or your resume. Focus on giving more than just what you sell. Specific content, messages, and other targeted information that interests your customers are good to include. For example, if you were selling makeup, you may want to include advice on how to apply the makeup or any makeup in general.

Make Sure Your Audience Reads Your Emails
Graphics, Flash animations, logos are often blocked by email filters. Although they look impressive on an email, they will often lower your impression statistics. I recommend using flat text with hyperlinks to your site. Once they get to your site, you can show them as many graphics as you want. Although some businesses have both a plain and a rich text edition of their email, for starters, stick to the plain text.

More inputs on Email Marketing:

Emails are priced according to the quantity you purchase, so the more you get, the less they cost. Email marketing solutions when they need to:

* Make customer communication more efficient and to improve the productivity or their marketing resources Improve email marketing deliver ability — ensuring their communications are delivered to the highest percentage of recipients as possible
* Accelerate customer acquisition and conversion rates from their email marketing efforts
* Track the performance of their marketing efforts from communication to transaction — connecting campaigns to tangible return on marketing investment
* Leverage dynamic content for customized one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many email marketing communications
* Reduce their marketing costs while improving the performance and productivity of their marketing resources
* Make it easier and faster for customers to buy their products and services than any other marketing or sales channel; integrate voice, fax and SMS text communications channels with their email marketing efforts
* Maximize Web analytics data to understand how visitors are using your website.

Marketing leaders across all industries, B2B and B2C, are using email marketing as part of their core channel for acquiring, retaining and growing customers.

Any long-term successful email marketing relationships with customers and others can only work anyway if they’re permission based. It’s important to stress that anyone considering email marketing must learn more about permission and spam. By offering value-added services to your existing clients through email marketing software, you can build customer loyalty and increase the average order value per client over a period of time; don’t expect instant orders.

Having a good quality email list (to send emails to) is the most vital aspect of email marketing. The infrastructure to send the emails is less important, and any standard provider like Aweber or iContact can be used.

Beware of email marketing offers that promise to email millions of people for only $49 or similar low amounts! The quality of the email list is very important, and if the people in the list are getting bombarded by emails, then they will keep opting out and the email list will not have the effect. If you are serious about quality email marketing, then the budget would typically have to be $200+ to reach even a few thousand people who have opted for a particular niche/industry. Newspaper/media write-ups can be very effective alternatives if your budget is higher.

We don’t have a pre-defined package for email marketing. If you have any questions or if you want to use our help in your email marketing , please contact us.

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