Facebook Ecommerce Store Setup Service

Please Note: This service is not being offered stand-alone anymore. It maybe part of our larger packages. Please see this link for our latest services: online marketing services


Would you like to make facebook users to notice and buy products from your ecommerce website? Now you don’t have to drive traffic from Facebook to your ecommerce website for selling your products.

Facebook-commerce makes it possible for you to sell products directly through your facebook business page. http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS86ruh6Y2Gk7qySbbQ2itqXKEIJd4O0YQcnFXS-TT6zu9ZunrJ While your competitors are planning facebook promotion strategies to drive targeted traffic from facebook to their ecommerce stores, you can start generating direct sales and gaining new customers at facebook through Facebook commerce. We will build your ecommerce store right on your facebook business page, which can generate sales directly from facebook site. PayPal will be used as payment gateway.

Sample facebook ecommerce store (opens in new window)

Service Details
1.Complete Facebook E-commerce store setup within your facebook business page/fanpage
2.Custom header image design for the store (if business owner wants to use different image from their existing business header)
3. Store welcome content (about 300 words)
4. Addition of up to 10 products to the store included (£19 for every additional 10 products)
5. Appropriate categories created and products listed under proper categories (business owner should tell us the categories)
6. Product titles, descriptions and tags written
7. Product edits for one month
8. Product thumbnails and images created
9. Paypal integration done for direct sales through the facebook store

Completion Timeframe: 15 days
Fee: £150

P.S. If you have products to sell, then you must leverage the social media power of Facebook to transform your Facebook business page/fanpage to generate sales and gather new customers, while your competitors are still figuring how to tap social media for business. Start today!

Optional Service at Deep Discount with this Service: We will write and distribute an online press release to 50+ press release sites announcing the launch of your new facebook ecommerce store. Fee: £45 (regular fee £75 when bought stand-alone)
Looking forward to helping you sell more through Facebook ecommerce!

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