1. Who can benefit from your website/online marketing services?
Yes, any business/organization or professional can benefit from our services. We have helped 100+ companies and professionals in their website development/improvement, and in their online marketing. Often, the clients are not aware of what steps to take, and so we make the effort to explain the options, and their pros and cons.

2. How is it possible to offer a website plus marketing package for only $449, when other website design companies charge over $1000 just for the website?
Good question. Actually, our cost for creating a 5 page website is just about $175 and the remaining amount goes into the “absolutely vital” online marketing of the new website. In our experience, most website designers don’t think about your business success with your website on the Internet — they are focused on the “look and feel” and some basic content optimization. We know numerous website owners and designers who spend hours of choosing the right colors and images for their website but fail to think about the visitor interaction process and what information the visitor will expect, thereby leaving gaps in the website that lead to lose customers! And that’s not good for a business because we can tell you after seeing 1000+ websites over the last 3 years that for every dollar spent on creating a website, you must spend at least one dollar on website marketing, otherwise nobody except your family and friends will come to know about your website. Most people don’t want that outcome with their websites, and after spending $500-$2000 on website creation, they realize after a few weeks or months that there are no visitors! If you are on this page, you want a successful website that is visible to the search engines, and has a good chance to rank well in searches when people are looking for things related to your site. You want more visitors and customers. A website itself is like a small business, and it evolves over time. Don’t try to pack everything in the first version. Its better to put the essential content on the website, and promote it with the remaining budget, and after seeing the results, do some more content improvement, and then some more website marketing. Such an iterative approach gives the best results.

3. Can you share your experiences in developing and promoting business websites?
Sure. We have added some sample websites, website marketing tips, and case studies on this site. Read the case studies. Please contact us know if you have any questions.

4. I am interested in your offer, but exactly what inputs do you need from me to make the website ready?
We will email you a simple questionnaire after you order your website, and you can reply to those questions, which will give us the raw material to create content for your website. You will also have the ability to share images with us.

5. How often can we update the website?
You can send required updates by email, and we will execute them. We think a website should be updated as needed by the business. Our offer includes 10 free updates per year, and those have been enough in most cases. If you envisage more frequent updates, then you can buy 10 updates for $50, which is a very nominal amount for the effort that goes behind making each update and ensuring that the site is working fine after that.

6. How do you provide free web hosting when many web hosting sites companies charge $5-10/month?
We have multiple servers, together having a large amount of storage and processing capacity and we can easily operate small websites on them. If your website is a large/complex, then its better to have your own web hosting to avoid complications. We can recommend suitable web hosting companies based on the type of website.

7. How do you do online marketing on the Internet?
With every new website order, we include one round of free promotion on the Internet by creating bookmarks in popular social content sharing websites like Digg.com, Twitter.com etc. It helps in the rapid indexing of your new website, and creates relevant links from these social websites to help in attracting visitors/website traffic.

8. Can a press release really be useful for a small business?
Yes, very useful. An online press release is one of the most effective marketing methods for a small business because it helps in increasing visibility of your website to the various search engines and also to potential news reporters and bloggers, who may write about your product or service. Sometimes the press releases are picked up by Google News, which can bring many new visitors. Such publicity would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to do using newspapers or flyers. We have done hundreds of press releases online, and that expertise will be available to you.

9. Can you promote my website to my target audience in my industry?
Yes, we have those skills in our team. Please contact us with your requirement, and we will let you know if we can do it.

10. I have never bought any domain name till now, can you help in that step?
One should buy domain after careful thought about the business goals behind the website. Domain name selection is very important. Once you have finalized a domain name, you can buy from www.namecheap.com — they are the best; we use them for most of our domains.

11. How will the visitors to my website contact me? Will there be a contact form?
Yes of course, there will be a contact form just like the one on our contact page. In addition, the website will also have your phone/fax/address/location map etc.

12. Is it necessary to have a blog on a website?
No, its not necessary. Some of the most successful sites don’t have a blog, but they do have useful content. A blog is useful if you have some regular updates to share with the visitors of your site. We can create a blog for your site if needed, but it will need regular updates, otherwise it won’t look good to have just one or two posts several months back. We can help you in creating updates for your blog if needed. The website we prepare can have a page called Blog or News, and you can add updates to it on a regular basis.

13. Is it necessary to flash on a website?
No, its not necessary. Some of the most successful sites use very simple HTML templates, but they do have useful content. Flash files don’t get indexed well in the search engines, which can not read the content of the file. We encourage minimal use of flash, and maximum use of HTML and text for making a successful website. Of course audio or video files can be added if required.

Is your question not answered? Please contact us with your question and we will be happy to answer.


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