How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website?

You have built and published your website with much planning and effort, and now all you have to do is figure out how to get people to come to it. You have probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and are wondering how you can properly utilize it to increase your search rankings on all of the big name search engines. Well the first thing you have to do is find good keywords to target. Read on to find out how you can find keywords that will maximize your returns.

1. Know your target market. The most important thing anyone who is trying to use SEO for their website must do is to learn how to think like the people who are most likely to need your service or product. If you were a person looking for the widgets that you sell, what would you type into your favorite search engine in order to find companies that sell those widgets? You could type in just “widgets,” but that might get you everything from the Wikipedia article on widgets to someone relating a story about how widgets changed their lives. So then you would start typing in more targeted keyword phrases to find what you were looking for such as “where to buy widgets” or “cheap widgets.” Write down any search terms you can come up with and then pick out the best.

2. Use a keyword research tool to select the right keywords. Now that you have some good keywords, you need to know first of all if people are even searching for that term, how many people are searching for that term, and if there is a lot of competition for that keyword. Keep any keywords or keyword phrases that you managed to brainstorm in the first step that have low competition but high search volumes. Google offers a very good keyword research tool as part of Google Adwords program. Please use it.

3. Evaluate your Domain Name and URLs. Domain names that are just a company’s name only work for companies that have the budget to invest in months or even years worth of branding. Branding is an expensive and time consuming process. So if you are a new business on a tight budget, how do you stand out in your market? What you need is a keyword rich domain name. Keyword rich domain names will give you an advantage in search engine rankings provided your website content is good quality. Just a good domain name will not help. Examples of a keyword rich domain name are:, or, or

4. Use keywords in your web content. This will ensure that the reader finds logical connection between why he is reading the page and the content of the page. But limit the keyword density (keywords/total words) to 2 percent, and also make sure to put keywords in your meta tags and titles of the website/webpages.

With just these few steps, you will be well on your way to increasing your organic traffic.

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