Online Marketing Service you are running any business today, you already know how important it is to rank your website on page 1 of Google search results for a chosen list of keywords — to get you targeted/motivated visitors to your business website. You might have invested a lot of time and money building websites and backlinks, but you are not seeing much website traffic, inquiries, or sales, and that can be very discouraging and will make any normal business owner wonder if it is indeed possible to increase business using the website. This is where we can help you with our Internet marketing experience gained since year 2006. In fact, our website first website domain dates back to the year 1998, when the Internet was so young that even Google wasn’t there.

Today, the Internet is a giant market place where every person is moving around looking at about 10-20 websites per day, and there is a lot of competition for a person’s attnetion on the Internet. This is where Google has secured its position as the traffic director of the Internet, and websites that rank of Google’s page 1 get 90% of the Internet search traffic.

This online marketing service is for small businesses in London/UK who want to get on the first page of Google but don’t have a big budget and are willing to put in some effort to give us answers to various questions related to the business, which we can use in the online marketing of the busieness.

This service can benefit:
* London/UK Local Businesses
* Online Business Websites
* eCommerce Sites
* Online Shopping Malls
* Any Kind of Internet Marketing Sites

Online Marketing Service Details

Goal: To improve the business visibility and bring more visitors from Google and other search engines to the company’s website. This plan includes the proven online marketing methods being used in our own ventures, and the same have helped our clients/partners in USA, UK, Asia.

* Press Release Marketing — we will write and distribute two (2) press releases to 50+ online press release sites, to boost the visibility of the business. Online press release is one of the most effective and economical methods of building awareness. Therefore it is a powerful tool for any professional/ business, delivering higher visibility, more backlinks, more inquiries, and some professionals also get media interviews.

* Social Media Marketing — we will bookmark two (2) key pages of the website, on 50 social bookmarking sites like, etc, which gives immediate boost to search ranking of the website for the chosen keywords. Search engines are giving high weightage to social sites and various forms of online feedback.

* Directory Submissions — we will manually submit the website along with relevant details to 100 established Online Directories. Directory Submission is still an effective online marketing strategy, because the collective backlinks from established directories provide weightage in search engine algorithms.

* Project Completion Timeframe — 12 weeks (this timeframe is needed for spacing the work to derive best possible results)

* Reporting — ongoing reporting after each project step gets completed.

* Fee — £150 only

* Project Benefit — We will be adding about 225 backlinks to your business website through this project, giving a significant boost to your online visibility that can result in more visitors and inquiries.

Next Steps:
If you want to proceed, please use the Payment button below to make your order.
Then we will create a list of top 10 keywords for this project, and share them with you.
Please note, we can only work with 25 London/UK clients for this service.

We use PayPal, which is one of the most secure online payment mechanisms.
You don’t need a PayPal account to pay. You can use your credit/debit card.

You are welcome to contact us for any questions. We look forward to helping you in online marketing of your website and business.

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