Online Reputation Management

Q1. Why is Online Reputation important?
Answer: Today we are living in a highly networked world, and every potential stakeholder (customer/employee/investor, etc) will search the Internet for background information on you and your business before even contacting you the first time. If negative messages about you or your business appear multiple times on the Internet, and you believe that they are incorrect, then you have to put effort in repairing your online reputation. With bad online reputation, your business can get badly impacted. This is where we can help with our expertise.

Q2. Can you give some examples of your experience in this area?
Answer: Yes, of course. We have helped over a hundred businesses across the world in various requirements related to Online Business and Internet Marketing. In some cases, the work involved competitive intelligence gathering to help the client improve their sales and marketing efforts, with a better understanding of what the competition was doing and how much they were spending in online ads, and how they were targeting their customers. And in many other cases, the work is more complex because it involves repairing online reputation that has been damaged by business competitors, or people with malafide intentions. It is not uncommon for a business competitor to sponsor a campaign to tarnish your business reputation. When the stakes are high, like in the current economic scenario, negative things happen. However, it is possible to repair online reputation by involving trusted customers and suppliers and business partners. We approach each case on its own merit. Here are a few Case Studies.

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