We have been doing online marketing since year 2006, and have helped many businesses get more inquiries with improved visibility in search engines and social media sites.

Any business in Canada, USA, or UK can benefit from our following services, by getting more inquiries, prospects, and sales. We believe in offering good quality at best prices. That’s why about 80% of our service income is from repeat orders.

We have experience in working with clients in multiple industries: Biotech, Real Estate, Construction, Financial Services, Insurance, Legal Services, Surgery, Healthcare, Farming, Land Brokers, Metals, Mining, Printing & Publishing, Trucking, Logistics & Supply Chain.

MyOrbit – Online Marketing – Service Description:

Our service has 5 core components that are used in different degrees for each service.
(1) Backlinks from established websites
(2) Social Media Marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+
(3) Social Bookmarks on popular sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit
(4) Posts on Web 2.0 sites link WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Scribd, Docstoc, etc
(5) Press Releases – creation and online distribution to 50+ news websites.

Social Media Reach (Oct 2015):

  • Our total reach is 1.1 million people worldwide, with about 700K in North America, 200K in Europe, and 200K worldwide.
  • We have 120,000 Twitter Followers in our network, and your message and website URL will reach them, and some of them may Retweet your message, thereby increasing the reach of your message.
  • We have 130,000 Facebook Followers in our network, and your message will reach them, and some of them may share it with their friends, making your message and website URL travel further to totally new set of people.

Please Note: If you want a sustainable boost in your search engine rankings, then you need high quality backlinks to your website, because it is one of the most important factors in Google and other search engines. In case of backlinks, quality matter more than quality. For example, 2 backlinks from Oxford and Cambridge University websites is worth more than 100 backlinks from various free websites and directories.

We will create links from authority websites like: Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Amazon, etc and a few links from wiki/edu/gov domains, which have high weight in search engines. The service is in compliance with the latest Google updates, and uses a natural mix of links (no-follow, do-follow, anchored, and raw links). While the main goal is to make your website rank better in search engines, in many cases these links also result in increased website traffic.

Service Features:

  • Traffic/Visitors From Social Media sites as a results of our online marketing work.
  • Improve website rank in search engines.
  • 70-80%% Visitors from USA/Canada, 20-30% UK/Australia/Europe and Worldwide
  • Over 10 % visitors from Mobile Devices (helps in Google search ranking as per 2015 updates)
  • Safe with latest Google updates
  • Project Report will be provided on completion of key milestones.

Please Note: You may receive sales or opt-ins but it can’t be guaranteed as we can’t control visitor actions. We can assure that as a result of this project, your website will become more visible and you should get more inquiries than before if your website has good quality content to engage the visitors and explain your offers/services/products in a detailed manner. Thanks.

Package#1: Mercury
Duration: 1 month
Keywords: 3-5
Fee: $195
– 30 High quality backlinks
– 100 Social Bookmarks
– 1 Press Release creation and online distribution
– 1 Article/Document posted on 50 Web 2.0 sites
– 5 Tweets/posts to 150K Twitter and Facebook Followers

Package#2: Venus
Duration: 3 months
Keywords: 3-5
Fee: $585
– 100 High quality backlinks
– 500 Social Bookmarks
– 2 Press Release creation and online distribution
– 5 Articles/Documents posted on 50 Web 2.0 sites
– 20 Tweets/posts to 250K Twitter and Facebook Followers

Package#3: Saturn
Duration: 6 months
Keywords: 5-10
Fee: $1485
– 500 High quality backlinks
– 1500 Social Bookmarks
– 6 Press Release creation and online distribution
– 12 Articles/Documents posted on 50 Web 2.0 sites
– 50 Tweets/posts to 500K Twitter and Facebook Followers

Package#4: Jupiter
Duration: 12 months
Keywords: 5-10
Fee: $2485
– 800 High quality backlinks
– 2600 Social Bookmarks
– 12 Press Release creation and online distribution
– 24 Articles/Documents posted on 50 Web 2.0 sites
– 100 Tweets/posts to 1.1 million Twitter and Facebook Followers


To order the above services or for any questions, please contact us.