UK Business Email Lists built by Geography

If you want a fresh email database of UK businesses within a specific geography/county, then we have the right solution for you! All email lists on this page are broken down by county/region: so you can target your emails/messages with a geo-focus.

The information is fresh: it has been telephone verified within the last 12 months.
The information is detailed: each record contains the following information.

* Company name
* Company Address
* Telephone Number
* Fax Number
* SIC Industry Description
* Email Address
* Company Turnover
* Number of Employees
* Contact Name
* Contact Job Description

We have the following UK Business Email Lists built by county/region.

Email List Aberdeenshire  £269.00
Email List Angus  £69.00
Email List Avon  £89.00
Email List Ayrshire  £79.00
Email List Bedfordshire  £289.00
Email List Berkshire  £579.00
Email List Buckinghamshire  £459.00
Email List Cambridgeshire  £489.00
Email List Cheshire  £769.00
Email List Cumbria  £219.00
Email List Derbyshire  £439.00
Email List Dorset  £399.00
Email List East Sussex  £309.00
Email List Essex  £969.00
Email List Gloucestershire  £369.00
Email List Hampshire  £929.00
Email List Herefordshire  £89.00
Email List Hertfordshire  £719.00
Email List Kent  £999.00
Email List Lancashire  £1,439.00
Email List leicestershire  £479.00
Email List Lincolnshire  £259.00
Email List London  £3,089.00
Email List Manchester  £69.00
Email List Merseyside  £379.00
Email List Middlesex  £529.00
Email List Norfolk  £409.00
Email List North Yorkshire  £309.00
Email List Northamptonshire  £389.00
Email List Northumberland  £89.00
Email List Nottinghamshire  £479.00
Email List Oxfordshire  £389.00
Email List Shropshire  £179.00
Email List Somerset  £259.00
Email List Staffordshire  £459.00
Email List Suffolk  £399.00
Email List Surrey  £9,509.00
Email List Tyne & Wear  £359.00
Email List Warwickshire  £279.00
Email List West Midlands  £1,399.00
Email List West Sussex  £489.00
Email List West Yorkshire  £1,139.00
Email List Wiltshire  £319.00
Email List Worcestershire  £279.00


  • To know the number of records in a list, just multiply the price by 5. For example, the London Business Email List costs £3089, and the number of records in that list would be close to: 3089*5 = 15,545
  • There is no additional VAT. The price you see is the price you pay.
  • Please contact us to buy the above UK Email Lists. Upon receiving your inquiry, we will mail you an online payment link. After receiving your payment, we will share the email list with you in 24-48 hours as a download link from our website.

Limited Time Special Offer:

  • 10% discount on all purchases of £1000 or more
  • 20% discount on all purchases of £2500 or more
  • 30% discount on all purchases of £5000 or more

P.S. These UK Business Lists are powerful raw material for any marketing work today. If you don’t see the list you are looking for, please contact us to see if we can create it for you.

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