UK Local Business Listing Service

Please Note: This service is not being offered stand-alone anymore. It maybe part of our larger packages. Please see this link for our latest services: online marketing services


With our new UK Local Business Listing Service, exclusively for businesses based in the United Kingdom, you can promote your business locally and internationally. It’s good to promote your products and services where most people search for them. While every business is searching for best ways to reach their target audience, we have discovered the spots for effective online promotion. Our Local Business Listing Service an effective online marketing service that is also very affordable.

What are the Benefits?

  • Get exposure and links to your business from the top 20 local business directories in the UK.
  • Search engines place importance on these sites, so local business listing will improve your website search rankings.
  • Attract more customers online through these local listings even if you don’t own a website.
  • If you have a website representing your business, these local listings will drive more traffic to your website too. If you have a website representing your business, these local listings will drive more traffic to your website too.
  • Promote your business by distributing the online coupons along with the local listings. You can add videos, images and maximum information about your business to the listings (need to be given at the time of listing)
  • Get listed in online maps so that people can find the exact location of your business easily.
  • Get noticed by more local customers as they search for businesses in their region.
  • “Best marketing strategy” as explained by Google.
  • Very affordable and rapid online marketing strategy that can benefit every business.

What, where and how do we list your business?

We’ll list your business in the appropriate category of the most popular Local Search Engines, yellow pages like Yahoo Local, Google Local etc — top 20 sites in the UK for local businesses. These popular local listing websites are the places where most Consumers often search for services and products. Hence more people will find your business, which in is good for your business.


List of top 20 UK local business sites & yellow pages used in this service Google Local Scoot Touch local City visitor Ufindus Find a business Infoserve Uk local search City local We love local My Big local Everything about UK My local services Kent find Twist local Yellowtom   The Sun Bizfo Myneighbourhoods Localpagestoday


Matt Cutts of Google recommends listing businesses in local search engines and maps. According to Matt, “If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you can show up for free in Google Local and Google Maps. This helps us, and it helps you, because you can be found. Often the business listings in Google local shows in the top of regular search results”. Hence you will get more exposure to your business locally. If you have a website representing your business, the local listings in these local search engines will drive more traffic to your website and in turn increasing the visibility in search engine results. Some of the Local Business Data centers like Superpages may share the listed business information with thousands of affiliated local sites.

Most of the popular local search engines like Yahoo Local, Google Local and Windows Live Local need separate email accounts to be created prior to the submission. Submitting your website in the local listing websites is time consuming and confusing. We take up this challenge and use our expertise in online business promotion to submit your details.

We will do the following on your behalf:

1. Create unique email accounts for your business in these local search engines (username and password will be provided to you in the report once the project is completed)
2. Fill up the appropriate fields with your company information manually
3. Ensure that the listing has been done properly in the appropriate category.
4. Provide you with detailed reports including the user name and password associated with every listing so that you can get total control over the listings for any future updates

Local Business Listing Guidelines & Requirements – Please Read Carefully

  1. Local listings refer to a business that has a physical location. Standalone online businesses cannot benefit through local listings if they don’t have a physical address.
  2. Some of the popular local search engines like Google local and windows live local may verify the contact address by sending a postcard. You will have to activate the listing by following the instructions mentioned in the same.
  3. You should have the complete authority to market the particular product or business.
  4. All the listings are subject to approval by the respective administrators of the local websites; so we can’t guarantee inclusion because each local business site is a third party.
  5. While listings will be completed within 1 week, they may appear on the Internet only after 1-2 weeks (after admin approvals).

Following is an example of one of our Local Business Listings in Google (image will open in new window)

Order Local Business Listing

  • Get listed in top 20 UK search engines and local yellow pages like Yahoo Local, Google Local etc. Best online marketing for every real UK business.
  • Project Completion: Within 1 week from receiving inputs from you.
  • Fee: GBP £39 only per business listing.  (Christmas/New Year Special Price)


Next Steps After Your Order:
Information Required From You
(to be sent by email after your order)

1. Account info
First Name:(pseudo can be used)
Last Name:(pseudo can be used)
2. Business Info
Business name [Mandatory] :
Preferred Category [Mandatory] :
Description [Mandatory] : (200 characters max):
Designation of the contact [Mandatory] : (Eg: Managing Director, Sales Manager)
Local Phone [Mandatory] : (Non-toll free)
Address [Mandatory] :
City [Mandatory] :
State [Mandatory] :
Zip [Mandatory] :
Website URL [Mandatory] :
Fax [Optional] :
Company email [Optional] : (Email address through which customers can reach you)
Additional phone number and extension lines [Optional]:
3. Hours of operation [Optional]:
4. Payment methods accepted [Mandatory]: (Eg:American express, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Google Checkout, etc)
5. Additional info [All fields are Optional] Other details you want customers to know about your business, for example:
Toll free number:
Year established:
Languages spoken:
Brand names carried:
Products and services offered:

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