Website Blog Operation Service

Please Note: This service is not being offered stand-alone anymore. It is part of our larger packages. Please see this link for our latest services: online marketing services


One of the common requests from our clients has been to help them keep their website/ blog updated with relevant content.

After delivering this service for a few clients, we realized that every professional can benefit from our expertise in understanding social mood from Internet search trends, our experience in running websites/blogs and researching topics to cover on the website to ensure that the target audience is engaged to the maximum extent.

We can help you build or strengthen your public image. Today, using the Internet, you can build your public image/brand and communicate directly with your audience through your website. You do not have to depend on newspapers and TV channels, and suffer from their lack of coverage, or worse, their mis-reporting!

Currently this service is being used by: Accountants, Lawyers, Legislators, Politicians, Consultants, Doctors, Surgeons, Investors, Entrepreneurs, etc. We maintain full confidentiality.

This is the only service offered by us that uses all our expertise in:
(a) understanding social mood/trends — we have access to complex tools that are tracking the search patterns of people in a given country, and we are able to see trends and social moods related to any topic; we will help you engage with people by
(b) blog/website development and operation – we will handle the technology, you just have to share your messages/views with us by email/fax
(c) maximize your exposure to build/strengthen your brand image — by utilizing various online marketing methods, including popular social media websites like Facebook. Your name has to be visible at multiple forums on consistent basis to build a strong brand image for you.

Following are the details of this service:

  1. Domain Name: We will buy a domain name with your name because that is most effective in ensuring that people can easily reach you and your messages. For example: — this will help our goal of making your website come on the top of all search engine queries on your name, instead of some newspaper article, or some other third party report.
  2. Website Development: We will develop a blog-website on the chosen domain name.Your website will be unique, with a carefully created header image to reflect your profession, your goals and vision.
  3. Website Content: We should aim to make 2-3 new posts per month. We will post whatever content you give to us. It can be a combination of text, images, audio, and video. We will also email you some questions/topic-suggestions every month, based on trends we are seeing. By posting your views/answers on those topics, your will increase the visibility of your website to more people in your target audience.
  4. Online Marketing: Using our expertise in online marketing, we will do monthly online marketing for your website, using a variety of methods like social media, blog posts on other websites, press releases, etc — to bring maximum visibility to your work/message/content.
  5. Reporting: You will receive a weekly report with stats and analytics of website visitors, from where they are coming, and which pages are getting more attention. It will help us fine-tune our content and online marketing.
  6. Term of Agreement: 1 year, and renewable at the end of every year.

Fee: USD 1995 per year

P.S. This service can benefit every professional. You just have to share your thoughts/ messages related to your profession by email 2-3 times per month, and we will take care of the rest. Its an investment into your professional future. For any questions, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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