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Are You Looking For Website Content that Engages Your Audience, Attracts Search Engines, and Builds Email Lists?

If you are like the majority of website owners, you are regularly looking for unique articles to be posted on your sites and blogs because it’s so common that many days and weeks just go by without anything new. Your traffic dies and then you have to pump a lot more effort and money to get back visitors that were grabbed by your competition… it’s happening right now to thousands of content-starved websites and blogs.

It’ time you thought beyond private label rights (PLR) content that gets copied by dozens of people.

When You Can Get Unique Content, Profitable Ebooks, Audio Books, Online Sales letters, And More… All At One Place… Let Our Investment and Experience Work For You!!

The next few minutes you will spend on this site will show you how to get unique content that your makes your website successful.
It is proven now that blogs and sites that regularly update their site – at least once a week – with unique content are much more likely to have a regular audience – these are people who will remember your site and come back week after week.
Even in convention industries, Wall Street loves companies with high percent of repeat Clients for similar benefits, and there is no reason why it should be different for your website or blog.
And the economics is very interesting: Your cost of posting unique content is paid back by the repeat audience traffic, which requires zero new promotional expense by you.
In our experience, each repeat visitor is equal to 15 new visitors, because of the increased time spent on the site, and because he/she is most likely to bookmark your site, and share it with family and colleagues.

How many times do you plan to add Unique Content on your site, but end up resorting to half-copying things from elsewhere, or using some Tool that promises to rewrite your posts – only to ruin your site for human reading? And be sure Google will penalize your website for duplicate content.

2 Big Reasons Why You DON’T want to use Automatic Tools and Dollar per page writers:

They are both done by software, which come under a variety of names -article spinner, blog rewriter, etc – and once you see their output, you will not like to invite any of your known people to the post, because they will ask: “is that you who wrote that?” or worse “who’s going to read that?” The truth is, any human readers will ask the same questions. Software automation is good for e-commerce, but not for content writing, yet.

Go to any webmaster forum and search for copyright problem help, and you will see the large number of people suffering from duplicate content and copyright violation warnings from other websites.
But what about PLR articles?
If we are in the Content business, you can be sure we searched around well. In fact, we have studied the industry for over a year now, making investments in various PLR providers.

* Only a couple of them are good, most others are not delivering anywhere near good quality.
* Even the couple of providers that are good – will give you a PLR pack which is also given to 250 other people, which basically means you have to rewrite each article by 25% to 50% to make it any good for your site and blog.
* And their biggest shortcoming is this: They have no context of your blog or site, and don’t know what other articles your audience has responded/liked on your site. Thus they can’t link it with other pages/posts on your site. So they are unable to fully utilize the website visitor by showing other pieces of info on the site.

Here’s Why Our Unique Content Is So Much More Effective Than Anything Else You’ve Ever Seen:

* Each piece of unique content that we prepare – where it’s an Article, Audio Podcast, or Video – is 100% unique. It is first drafted on a PowerPoint slide – to maintain the proof about its authenticity should Google or anyone question later – and then prepared on the computer to give it to you. You will also get a copy of the PowerPoint slide image.
* Each piece of our content urges the audience to do something that will benefit your site – like commenting on the post, or checking out the FAQ, or reading another relevant post on your site, etc.
* If you are confident about your content – you have to be bold to ask the audience to check other things out. Many people will take your lead, and give you more Page Views.
* And here’s something nobody will do for you: We track the website and blog of each of our clients, and suggest content additions or improvements you can make. We feel successful when your website or blog does better – it’s a partnership approach.

We offer all forms of unique content:
Text (Articles, Whitepapers, E-Books), Audio Podcasts and Video Presentations.

* Given the state of the Internet today, Text Articles are the most popular.
* Audio and Video are rapidly picking up — as search engines like Google/Bing learn to recognize what’s inside those media files!
* Ideally, for each of your sites, you much aim to build a portfolio of involving all three types of content. At least 10% of your content should use Audio/Video, with detailed tagging.

Please Note:
If you are looking to add low quality content just for search engines then sorry, we won’t be able meet your requirement. However if you are looking to build your site/ blog for human audience, and you are investing in promoting your site in different ways – we are absolutely confident that we can help you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

GUARANTEE: Our content is unique because it is prepared by professionals, and we know online marketing and SEO well. Your website audience will love the tone and content of each piece. Every output comes to your only after a careful review process.

Got questions? Please contact us.
Answering your questions is one of the most interesting part of our work. We appreciate your mail.
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